False TV ads from opponents of Prop 1 in Michigan were pulled from TV stations in lead-up to election

November 27, 2018

In their first TV ad, opponents claimed that Prop 1 would allow marijuana products with “unlimited potency.” The text of the initiative, however, plainly states that the regulatory agency is required to impose a limit on the amount of THC in edible products.

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Michigan becomes the 10th state to legalize marijuana for adult use!

November 08, 2018

In the face of a last minute spending blitz the opposition, the YES on 1 campaign overcame a barrage of dishonest attack ads to secure victory by a 12-point margin.

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Colorado state legislator fact checks critic of state’s legalization law

October 24, 2018

State Representative Jonathan Singer from Colorado has a point-by-point rebuttal to the most common critiques of Colorado’s experiment with legalization.

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Free Yes on 1 lawn signs available for pickup across the state

October 22, 2018

Check out the list of locations where you can pick up a Yes on 1 lawn sign for your yard!

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Government study projects $738 million in new tax revenue from Prop 1 over next five years

October 17, 2018

The report’s prediction that legalization will annually generate more than $287 million in sales and excise taxes by 2023 is even more bullish than the projections recently published by the YES on 1 campaign.

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Legalization ballot measure will generate hundreds of millions in revenue for Michigan’s roads, schools, and local communities

October 01, 2018

A recent economic analysis projects legalizing marijuana in Michigan would generate more than $520 million in combined tax revenue in the first five years of implementation.

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YES on 1 campaign wins huge endorsement from the Detroit Free Press

September 25, 2018

Roughly six weeks before Election Day, Michigan’s largest newspaper has endorsed Proposal 1, representing a major milestone for the campaign. In their supportive editorial, the Detroit Free Press highlighted many of YES on 1’s core messages, offering several strong reasons Michiganders should legalize marijuana.

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80-year-old grandmother jailed for expired medical marijuana license

September 12, 2018

Dolores Saltzman, a registered medical marijuana patient in Clare County, Michigan, was arrested for the first time in her life on June 13, 2018. Now she’s urging voters to support Prop 1 to legalize marijuana for adult use.

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Are you up to the challenge?

November 14, 2017

Our campaign to end marijuana prohibition is at a critical stage as we prepare to turn in over 360,000 signatures to the secretary of state for certification. For the past five months, activists, volunteers and donors have stepped up to the plate and gotten us this far – but we’re not there yet.

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Whoa, we’re halfway there

August 15, 2017

Actually, we’re more than halfway there. This week, we will pass the 200,000-signature mark – meaning we’re well on our way to reaching our goal of collecting 366,000 signatures. 252,523 of these signatures need to be validated to get on the ballot in 2018 and end cannabis prohibition once and for all!

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