It's really happening! The Michigan Board of Canvassers approved our petition for a state ballot initiative that would regulate marijuana like alcohol. Petitions distribution will begin in the coming days. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) now has 180 days to collect just over 250,000 valid signatures needed to place the issue on the November 2018 ballot.
If approved by voters, Michigan would become a national leader in cannabis reform by: 
  • legalizing personal possession, cultivation, and use of cannabis for adults 21 and older;
  • legalizing the cultivation of industrial hemp;  
  • licensing cannabis businesses that cultivate, process, test, transport, and sell marijuana; 
  • protecting consumers with proper testing and safety regulations for retail cannabis; and  
  • taxing cannabis at retail levels with a 10 percent excise tax and six percent sales tax, which will support K-12 public schools, roads, and local governments. 
The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol is managing the campaign, including overseeing the paid petition circulation being done by National Petition Management (NPM). If you are interested in supporting the campaign or being paid to circulate petitions this summer, please contact NPM directly at for more details about how to help. 
CRMLA is also coordinating petition distribution for volunteer signature collection with supportive organizations, including MILegalize. If you have not yet signed up to volunteer with MILegalize, please do so at If coordinating with a different supportive organization is a better fit for you, please contact NPM directly at  for more information.
Once you’ve signed up to volunteer, donate to the campaign and help us win in November! Donations made directly to the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol help cover campaign costs like qualifying for the ballot and an aggressive media and grassroots campaign to win in November 2018.