Roughly six weeks before Election Day, Michigan’s largest newspaper has endorsed Proposal 1, representing a major milestone for the campaign. In their supportive editorial, the Detroit Free Press highlighted many of YES on 1’s core messages, offering several strong reasons Michiganders should legalize marijuana. They wrote:

  • “Prohibiting [marijuana] outright does not work (about 15% of Michiganders used marijuana in 2015, according to federal data).
  • Enforcing laws against weed consumes significant law enforcement resources.
  • The impact of that enforcement effort falls disproportionately on African Americans, who use marijuana at the same rates as whites, but are four to 10 times more likely to be arrested for it.
  • Legalizing marijuana and regulating its possession and use can provide needed tax revenue.”

The piece went on to point out that Michigan would “hardly be a trailblazer” by legalizing marijuana for adults, since nine states and Canada have already done so.

Rejecting many of the scare tactics and talking points of Prop 1’s prohibitionist opponents, the paper also set the record straight about the results of legalization in other states. As they pointed out, “Other states where voters have approved legal marijuana have found no significant increases in substance abuse rates or deadly traffic accidents.”

The Free Press has done a service to Michigan by laying out the strongest arguments for marijuana legalization in a cogent manner. For voters on the fence, the endorsement may carry significant weight.

Read the full editorial here: