LANSING, MI — Contrary to claims made opponents of Proposal 1, studies by the Colorado and Washington State Health Departments in 2017 have conclusively shown that teen use has remained flat since those states passed full marijuana legalization.

“It's a shame that the opposition campaign continues to try to scare voters and make false blatantly claims about the impacts of Proposal 1, especially as it relates to teen use,” said Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Spokesman Josh Hovey. “The Colorado and Washington state health departments’ research makes clear that teen marijuana use does not increase when states legalize for adults 21 and older, and our initiative takes additional precautions to ensure there are strong regulations in place to keep marijuana out of the hands of youth.”

Proposal 1 gives the state of Michigan broad authority to ensure that businesses are not marketing to minors. The initiative keeps in place the same harsh penalties that we have today for those found selling to minors.

“It’s important that families can have open and honest discussions with their children about the dangers of abusing any substance,” said Hovey. “Those conversation need to happen whether Proposal 1 passes or not. But we are confident that bringing marijuana out of the shadows and into the regulated marketplace will help keep marijuana out of the hands of youth and ensure that products sold to adults are safe. Just as important, it will save millions in wasted law enforcement resources while generating hundreds of millions in new tax revenue for our state.”

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